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I have initially created the Better Than Cured Guide to Healing and Happiness to help patients in my psychiatric private practice who were suffering from anxiety and depression. My goal was not only to help them get well, but beyond that, to also help them find a viable path to a happier life. They were loosing any hope that they can ever be healthy and happy again. They were amazed when they did it. If hundreds of my patients could do it, so can you, my dear reader. I hope their stories of courage and success will empower you to reinvent yourself and rekindle the hope that your life too can be better and that your pain can be healed. Set your life course on a "better than cured" path that leads to your own profound and personal journey to healing and happiness. For more information about my medical career and my private practice, please visit my web site at drforest.com.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry for the long absence. I am, finally, back. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Many things have happened during my unplanned "blogging break."

1. I have been to a Writers Conference in Long Beach, California, where I submitted a writing sample from my book project, Better Than Cured. I was happy to meet a respected editor and a prestigious literary agent. They gave me very helpful notes to better structure the content of the future book and said they are interested. The Better Than Cured book project follows this blog more or less, so you are familiar with the general idea. The book project, however, has more developed concepts and points of view, includes more research and scientific data and many more practical tips and exercises for readers. It will be a great pleasure to let you all know when and where you can get the book, but it is still in the difficult phase of being created and developed to publishable form.

2. I have worried about and nursed back to health my mixed Siamese cat, Karma, who developed a severe allergy episode. We took him to the regular vet and then to a dermatologist vet. When the Western medicine brought about bad side effects from the medications, we took him to a naturalpathic vet .
This whole process took a few weeks, which proved very traumatizing for my husband and me and very painful for Karma. We learned much about how similar cats and people are. For example, in the Western medicine, allergies are treated with steroids or with antihistamines, in both species.

Cats and people can have the same side effects from these medications. Karma developed urinary retention because his dose of antihistamine was too high. We spent a night in an veterinary emergency room with him because of that and stopped all the medication.

The naturalpathic vet offered much more helpful suggestions. He recommended a special cat food, Innova, with more protein content and no grains (grains are potential allergens for cats as they are for people). He gave us a vitamin supplement. He also did energy work on Karma (same as for people). He told us to give him water from a porcelain bowl rather than a plastic one because bacteria can colonize the porous structure of the plastic and can cause infections and allergies. When we implemented all these recommendations, Karma finally found relief from his allergies and we all took a big sigh of relief.

This is Karma, when he feels good.

3. One of my psychotherapist friends discovered therapick, a website where psychiatrists and psychotherapists can post a three minute video about their practice along with other useful information for prospective patients. What I really have to say about how I practice is not that much different from what I talk about in this blog. But saying it in front of the dark and mysterious eye of a professional video camera is a completely different experience. It took more preparation than you might imagine to do that three minute video; but here it is, submitted to your scrutiny: my first adventure into video recording my ideas. I hope you will find it interesting.

4. After taking classes for over three months on Lingnan style Chinese brush painting, I finally managed to complete my first homework. Why? Because this is a very unique, spontaneous style, where every brush stroke has its own energy and meaning. There are no drawings. You have to do every stroke in the right order and in the right way to create an expressive painting. Often the teacher recommends taking a deep breath before beginning to paint, to relax and allow the hand holding the brush to "just go." But before it knows where to go, there is a lot of practice needed. I do not know how many times I have torn the rice paper into pieces in a state of deep frustration. But now, finally, I've got my first painting in the Lingnan style done. The teacher liked it enough that she wanted me to enter it in an amateurs' exhibit that was soon to take place. Unfortunately, the deadline to get the painting mounted, framed and submitted to the commission was only four days away, not enough for me to get it ready. Still, I am encouraged to move forward in my efforts.

5. Although I got my flu shot as I was suppose to, I fell sick with a terrible cold (still, better than a flu) that has grounded me for nearly a week. I couldn't do my Pilates, nor my swimming. Today is the first day that I have less cough, fewer chills and a less clouded mind.

I thought of you, my readers, everyday that I was unable to keep up with my blog and in touch with you. Now that some things are more under control, I will resume my posts. I took lots of notes these past weeks and I have many exiting new topics and ideas I want to share. So keep this site bookmarked. There will be many very interesting posts comming.

Stay tuned! It is business as usual again at Better Than Cured.


  1. Welcome back -I have been absent myself but nothing as interesting as a few of your reasons. So glad Karma is going well -- sick pets are rough on the family unit. Your painting is glorious -- thanks for sharing. Glad to see you back -- your wise insight is always an interesting read.

  2. Welcome back Christine. A blogging break often leads to an improved blog, I have sometimes found. Looking forward to reading your posts regularly.

  3. Welcome back - I was wandering what happened with you, but now I understand that your past days were so busy. Glad to see you are closer and closer to publish your book. I'm waiting to see it on my desk. I'm glad to hear that your Karma is in better shape ;-) I like your painting and your videoclip. Congratulations for both. I'm looking forward to read your new posts.

  4. I'm glad you are back. Stay healthy.

  5. I was sad to hear about your cat, after all these years I never knew you had a cat! This shows how little I know about your personal life, but you know all of mine! Anyhow so happy that karma is feeling better. Your video was just great, hope to see more of you on the camera! Thanks again and for all you do for us.

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